We aim to help children have happy healthy mouths. Children need a caring and gently approach to dentistry so they have a positive approach to their dentistry for life. Children who are not afraid of the dentist, become adults who do not avoid dental care.

We provide:

  • Preventative advice to parents and children to prevent oral problems.
  • Dental treatment to restore and maintain children’s teeth including fissure sealants, topical fluoride treatment and fillings.


When should I first bring my child to the dentist?

Ideally around two years of age. It is unlikely that there will be problems but it introduces the child to dentistry in a relaxed & calm manner. Preventative advice is given that can prevent problems later on.

How do I get my child to clean their teeth?

Ultimately it it the parents role to supervise brushing until your child is 8 years old. Get into the habit of brushing after breakfast & last thing at night.Even if you have teenagers it is worth monitoring their cleaning with the occasional reminder ’brush your teeth’ may not go amiss.

What about diet tips?
  • Children should have a balanced diet with three meals per day.
  • Treats should be eaten immediately after a meal.
  • Avoid snacking between meals.
  • Avoid juices, sugary drinks & never drink these between meals.
  • Milk & water are best.

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